I provide SEO direction for clients, web development companies and advertising agencies who provide SEO services to customers.

Contact me for prices.

You can handle me (personally) to manage all aspects of your SEO project paid monthly by subscription. You have complete control when hiring me – you can cancel any subsequent payments at any time.

It is my aim to work with you long-term to ensure the success of your business and deliver a professional service at all times.

You will get:

  • Telephone, Skype (& Email) Support (bi-monthly meetings to keep on top of things and to discuss strategy and priorities)
  • Answers to questions and any required investigation done by me e.g. competitor analysis, site auditing, trends analysis – anything that contributes towards SEO strategy.
  • An adaptable, fluid account manager for your project that will

You will be billed my fee for the first month’s work in advance. If you remain subscribed, you will be billed monthly for my fee as I continue to work for you.

Once I have the first payment confirmed, I start work immediately on your project. I will need 1 week to get up-to-speed with your business, including a Skype telephone conference near the end of the 1st week to discuss your primary business goals and pending strategy.

Let’s do it!